Individual Lessons

Learning to play a musical instrument can be more of a daunting task than a child  may expect. Fingers, tongue, breathing, posture, note reading, and counting all come into play when a child is learning an instrument. For a parent, it is sometimes difficult to find a teacher for a particular instrument.

The JYO have sourced a number of excellent teachers who offer individual lessons. These lessons are available to members of the orchestra.

These lessons, while facilitated by JYO are a private arrangement between teacher and student. For information on lessons, please email julianstownyouthorchestra@gmail.com and mark it for the attention of Helen Campbell, Tuition Coordinator.


Group Musicianship lessons

Learning to read music is a vital step in any music education. Weekly theory classes comprises 30 minute group lessons and introduce the essentials of reading and writing musical notation. Students learn the basics and more of music fundamentals. While a lot of work is covered each week and homework given, the classes are both enjoyable and student-friendly.

There are many benefits from studying musical theory, including, improving sight reading, improving aural skills, to write musical accurately, and to build on overall musical performance.


The aim of the theory classes are to prepare students for the ABRSM examinations. Examinations offered this year, and will be seated post-Easter, are Grade 1, Grade 2, and Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5 Theory.

Grade 1, 2 & 3 Theory class, Saturday, 11.50-12.30

Grade 4 Theory class, Saturday, 10.30 -11.10

Grade 5 Theory class, Saturday, 11.10-11.50


Musical theory lessons are recommended as a supplemental lesson alongside instrumental lessons, for anyone beginning an instrument as well as for students who are advanced in an instrument. Theory lessons covers all aspects of ABRSM Theory Grades, beginning with the very basics of theory to intricate musical reading. Information is made easy to understand with a good atmosphere in the class being with peers who share a passion for improving their musical knowledge.

Anyone wishing to sign up to Musicianship classes should contact teacher Tamlyn Norris , tel 086 203 3444.